July Puppies

We have been very busy here raising Belle’s litter born on July 14th. The pups are now 5 weeks old and doing great! Heads are taking shape, color and pigment is coming in nicely and the personalities are really starting to show. We have 7 pups, 5 females and 2 males. We currently have one male available to a hunting-companion home, if you are interested, please email me at chuckrobinson@optonline.net.5-weeks-in-box

For grouse enthusiasts

grouse shirt

The artist who designed the awesome grouse for this new Orvis shirt is an avid grouse hunter but is also the new owner of a Ryman Setter puppy, Firelight Emmylou.  Congratulations to Jay Dowd, it is great to see his talent being recognized.  The shirt can be found on Orvis online.    Maybe we will be lucky and someday Jay will be inspired to do some ryman art.

This is Emmylou who is a lucky pup to have Jay as her owner.  There will be a lot of grouse in this little girls future.

7-21-16 Emmylou

New Litter Summer 2016 at Classic Setters

We will have a new litter out of Classic Russian Blue bred  to Classic Max’s Ellie.  Ellie is due to whelp the end of June or beginning of July.  It is a repeat of a breeding that produced excellent pups.  Both parents have been extensively hunted on wild birds and have OFA certification with a good rating.  Our setter, Fiona, out of Hazel (Ellie’s sister) bred to Blue has an excellent rating.

Our breeding program emphasizes natural hunting ability, good conformation,  health and longevity, and biddability.   Our focus from the early 1980’s has been to line breed Ryman and Old Hemlock bloodlines with strategic outcrosses to foot hunting type Llewellyn line setters.  These outcrosses have produced some of our best dogs and when they have been line bred back into our lines have produced remarkably uniform litters with the traits we are looking for.  We believe it is essential to have periodic outcrosses to increase genetic diversity to maintain a line over the more than 30 years we have had these setters.

Our dogs begin hunting ruffed grouse and woodcock but we hunt pheasants, prairie grouse and quail as well.  They generally begin hunting after only basic obedience training and quickly begin pointing and retrieving when exposed to birds.  Since they are so easy to handle, you can adjust their range to remain close in grouse and woodcock covers and let them open up on the prairies.

For more information on our new litter go to our website:  www.classicenglishsetters.com.  If you have any questions please e-mail:  Frances.L.Thompson@gmail.com.

First Annual Ryman Gathering and Hunt is scheduled!

5-12-2016 DSC09974

RymanSetters.com is excited to announce that the first annual Ryman Setter Breeders Gathering and Hunt is scheduled to be in January 8-15, 2017 in northcentral Kansas. This wild-bird-only event is a long needed opportunity for dedicated breeders to hunt together to see each others dogs as well as evening fireplace conversations about breeding issues such as health, ethics and the future of our beloved rymans. Weekdays are reserved for RymanSetter.com breeder members but Friday, Sat and Sun are open to other hunters with ryman setters.

The group chose Kansas in January because, being avid hunters, they did not want to interfere with their usual autumn grouse hunting and traditions plus Kansas in January extends the hunting season for most – a bonus for ardent wild bird hunters. Wild bobwhite will be a new species for many of the dogs so will provide the opportunity to see how they handle a new species but also the more open KS habitat is conducive to being able to watch how the dogs run and handle their birds.

If you are interested in more information or perhaps joining the event, leave a comment or message and we will get back to you.

July Litter

I am very excited to announce that we had a successful breeding of Belle, our four year old blue belton on May 15th.

The offspring of two grouse dogs, Belle has proven herself on grouse and woodcock over the last four seasons and just about everything she does is natural. Before her first season, she was exposed to only a few training birds, her natural instincts came out right away. Her first trip of the season was in the grouse woods and within fifteen minutes out of the truck she pointed her first grouse as well as other great points that day, and overall her first season was remarkable. During her second season, she learned to walk running birds and started retreiving on her own. She hunts at what I consider a medium range, very athletic, checks in naturally and is very cool headed when it comes to handling birds. Belle is 56 lbs, hips OFA excellent, elbows OFA good, thyroid normal.

Belle was bred to Dark Hollow Jeter (Jet), an orange belton grouse dog from Pennsylvania. Jeter is 60lbs, very well conformed, hips OFA Good and has strong natural retrieving instincts.

We are not taking any more deposits for puppies at this time, pending whelping to know litter size and gender ratio. However, if you are interested please email me at chuckrobinson@optonline.net