BAER Testing

In line with our philosophy of doing everything we can to produce healthy puppies, we wanted to BAER test our recent litter. In talking with other breeders, one of the things that precludes many breeders is having testing available in their area. As we were getting through the weaning stage,  I started to plan puppy shots as well as availability of hearing testing. We were very happy to find Dr. Judy Pawlusiow of Advanced Veterinary Mobile Diagnostics. What a great service to have someone come to your location and perform the testing in the pups familiar surroundings. Dr. Judy is someone you could tell cares about supporting healthy  breeding practices and provides her service at a reasonable price.

At 7 1/2 weeks old all the pups passed their hearing tests.

– Chuck

Preseason Training at October Setters

Getting dogs into wild birds is important to their development so we make an effort to show them as many as possible, whether the season is opened or not.  This morning we had a chance to get out and show some Sage Grouse to Iris prior to the actual season opener.  Iris2 P1050758-e
She handled great and saw several coveys. It was her first exposure to these birds and it was fun seeing her figure it out. After seeing some flush and getting familiar with their scent she knew what she was looking for and slowed when she smelled where birds had flushed. Grouse FlushingLater on she found a single that flushed right in front of her. The change in her attitude was immediate and dramatic; she tore it up for the rest of the morning, searching with purpose and slowing to check scent several times.  P1050774-e

Iris 1She was obviously trying to locate and point so I can’t wait to get her out and give her another chance.

For added excitement we flushed a few birds near a patch of Aspens so I took Iris over to look for stragglers.P1050770-eRight after this shot was taken I heard a funny sounding squeeky call I didn’t immediately figure out.  As I realized it sounded like a calf Elk call I heard hooves stomping the ground way too close for comfort.  Not running away, just stomping the ground, like a cow protecting her calf.  Needless to say I got Iris out of there and beat a hasty retreat.

It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a September morning in Idaho.


Firelight Silas-Available for Stud

silas oct 2015

Silas is a Ryman type English setter. He is the product of a very effective breeding program developed by Lynn Dee Galey of Firelight Bird Dogs. He has great natural hunting and pointing ability. Silas just “knows” what to do. He pointed his first woodcock at 9 months of age. He is very steady on birds. He goes through the woods with intensity and determination. Silas is a proven finder of Woodcock and Partridge (Ruffed Grouse) in the Maine woods. He ranges around 50-70 yards. Silas checks back often. He is a wonderful hunting partner for the foot hunter.

This lad is calm in the house and very lovable at home. You put him in the woods and he morphs into a “bird dog”.

OFA hips: GOOD   OFA elbows: NORMAL.   Color: Orange Belton   Weight: 60 lbs.     For more info: email

There are also lots of photos on my Facebook page-check em out!


July Puppies

We have been very busy here raising Belle’s litter born on July 14th. The pups are now 5 weeks old and doing great! Heads are taking shape, color and pigment is coming in nicely and the personalities are really starting to show. We have 7 pups, 5 females and 2 males. We currently have one male available to a hunting-companion home, if you are interested, please email me at

For grouse enthusiasts

grouse shirt

The artist who designed the awesome grouse for this new Orvis shirt is an avid grouse hunter but is also the new owner of a Ryman Setter puppy, Firelight Emmylou.  Congratulations to Jay Dowd, it is great to see his talent being recognized.  The shirt can be found on Orvis online.    Maybe we will be lucky and someday Jay will be inspired to do some ryman art.

This is Emmylou who is a lucky pup to have Jay as her owner.  There will be a lot of grouse in this little girls future.

7-21-16 Emmylou