2017 Gathering & Hunt: Day 6

Tonight’s post is a short one because it has been a very busy day with hunts and a number of ryman enthusiasts joining our Gathering.   That, and animated conversations around the table have resulted in a number of rather late nights this week.   There is unanimous consent that it has been a great week with a very comfortable and likable group.  Tomorrow morning will find us all loading up and heading home although there have been many comments wishing there were more days to come.  I will write a wrap-up post once I get home and get caught up on sleep.  Meanwhile, I will sign off this evening with a classic photo taken today by a breeder/owner of their dogs on wild quail (click to enlarge)

2017 Gathering & Hunt: Day 5

The temperatures dropped notably on Day 5 but enthusiasm and hunting continued at the same high level.   Breeder members have arranged shared hunts each day and have greatly enjoyed the time together and seeing each others dogs at work.   Tonight’s shared dinner was a full turkey dinner with stuffing and gravy.  Photos shared below were taken by members during their hunts today.

2017 Gathering & Hunt: Day 4

We all had a good day and some had a great day.  One of the highlights today was a covey find and point by a member’s barely 6 month old pup, the pup’s first wild bird point.  All bird dog owners know how memorable that moment truly is.  As you can see, some members do own other breeds, a good bird dog is simply a good bird dog.   A cold front suddenly blew in midday, driving one member into their truck and plugging in her 12v heated blanket.   All were smiling as they returned to the lodge and a delicious elk chili warmed us along with a nice variety of wines.   Member’s photos give a glimpse of the day.



2017 Gathering & Hunt: Day 3

Another sunny and pleasant day for bird hunting although the infamous Kansas wind did kick up for part of the day.  But it did not dampen the enthusiasm and drive of the breeder hunters and everyone was out hitting covers.  Both dogs and hunters have quickly figured out the habitat and quail and dog work and shooting have both improved with each day.  The photos below were taken and shared by hunters at the end of the day as we gathered for yet another delicious meal.

2017 Gathering & Hunt: Day 2

Day 2 gave us a beautiful sunny Kansas day with temps in the low 40’s.  Members scattered across the countryside, familiarizing themselves with the new-to-them habitat and terrain.   Reports at the end of the day found that everyone had been successful getting into birds.  Grouse hunters expressed surprise at how fast wild bobwhites can fly and how well the singles can hide after the covey flush.  Another great dinner, this time venison&lamb burgers the conversation alternated between the seriousness of the future of Ryman-type setters and fun stories of the day.   The following is a sample of the photos shared.