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OFA Hip NOPI/PI/VPI.Males average 65-75 lb. Dogs hunt at a range of 40-60 yards Checking back often. Our Goals are to produce easy to train dogs that are "naturals" in the field, and calm & quiet in the house. Retain the genetic purity of the Ryman and Old Hemlock Strains.

Beautiful Litter Of Ryman Type Setter Pups

Round River Outlaw Cole & Round River Bold Gem have produced a very nice, litter of puppies whelped 9-17-18  5M & 5F

Cole  (OFA Good) is a great dog, who loves to hunt. He is rock solid on his points , and is a natural in the field like his father was.

Cole’s sire is Heartland Outlaw “Jesse”

Cole’s Dam is Setter Hills “Rayne”

Gemma (OFA Excellent) is still a work in progress. Gemma is learning how much fun it is to hunt the fields. She has a strong prey drive, and wants to learn, and please you.  Both Sire & Dam should finish out this year.

Gemma’s Sire is Setter Hills “Remington”

Gemma’s Dam is Stevens Round River Babe

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