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I have had English Setters since 1988 and started breeding them in 2003. Currently we have 3 and are planning another litter for this spring. Hunting grouse and woodcock in the fall in Michigan is never long enough for me or for the dogs.

Rum Creek Setters

Life with English Setters for me was prompted by an article in the 1980’s by long-time outdoors writer Tom Opre. His description of the traits of English Setters still make them a special breed today. My first setter, Sadie, was from Jagerlust Setters in Holly, Michigan and she set the bar for the future. The quest to keep these great hunters and companions in the field has been the objective of Rum Creek Setters.

With Sundog Aspen Glow and Pine Coble Reed from Baypines Kennels as the foundation of our breeding program, four outstanding litters have kept this legacy going strong. Rum Creek Autumn Bliss, with a heavy Pinecoble pedigree, has produced puppies that are described as hard pointers, great noses, athletic, sweet, smart and close working. Offspring that have had hips checked have all been OFA Excellent or Good. My trusty vet, Randy Carpenter, says that he wishes all of his dogs would have hips that look as good as these.

While we primarily hunt grouse and woodcock, these dogs have hunted pheasant, chucker, quail, huns, and sharptail in various setting with excellent results by their owners. Their disposition makes them desirable for hunters and families to enjoy for many years.

Mark Altemann