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Firelight Setters

OFA hips; in-house screening for thyroid and deafness (due to rural distances to labs); VPI. Males average 60-65 lbs. females 50. Breeding goals are for athletic dogs with style, intensity and precocious natural ability. All dogs extensively proven on multiple species of wild birds in both forest and on prairie. website email

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October Setters

OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, BAER, TgAA Thyroid testing, NOPI and VPI. Comprehensive program to limit hip dysplasia, puppies BAER tested. Males average 60 lbs. Athletic, moderate range, proven on grouse/woodcock, western covey birds. Island Park, ID email website

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Parker Hollow Setters

Our goal is to produce a small number of quality litters with a focus on health, natural ability and sound conformation. All breeding dogs must be proven on wild birds, especially grouse and woodcock. Our focus on health includes, OFA HIPs Good or Excellent, thyroid and BAER hearing testing. We are looking forward to working with others who are doing great things with these wonderful dogs.

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Lynn Dee Galey, Cliff and Lisa Weisse, Walt Cottrell, Jason Gooding, Fran and Frank Thompson, Walt Lesser Contact Us

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Old Hemlock

OFA for Hips and Elbows,NOPI and VPI, all listed in OFA database, moving to have them all VPI. Males average 60-65 lb. Naturals on game birds, athletic and move well, check back in with their owners, even tempered and great companions. All hunted and proven in the field, only the best to carry on the line. MORE ABOUT US... Old Hemlock Setters at look under the section Old Hemlock Setters

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Sugar Creek English Setters

OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, BAER, VPI. Males 60-65 lb. Females 48-55 lb. Athletic, cooperative temperament, practical range, primarily hunting and proven on grouse/woodcock in New York State. Choosing for coat, conformation, color but not at expense of health and performance. Branchport, NY. website email

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Crane Creek Setters

OFA Hips, VPI , BAER, Males average 58-60 lbs, Females average 48-52 lbs Athletic, cooperative temperament. Dogs proven on wild birds including pheasant, quail, Hungarian partridge and grouse. Our goal is to produce 1-2 litters per year with the focus being conformation, health and natural ability. Wonderful family companions and great in the field. email

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Walt Lesser

Contributing Member I acquired my first Ryman-bred setter in 1958 and with a few dedicated Ryman fanciers, bred, trained and hunted over these setters, primarily on grouse and woodcock for more than half a century. In breeding the Appalachian Ryman-type setter, we strived to maintain the same characteristics that we knew as "the true Ryman type". I am honored to be included as a founder with this group of dedicated breeders concerned about the future of the Ryman-type setter. These breeders know that working together is the answer to keeping the Ryman-type alive. Together with Lisa Weisse, we published the book The Real Ryman Setter- A History.

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Zak's English Setters

Zak Dillon's Zebediah, OFA Hips: GOOD, VPI, OFA ELbows: Normal, VPI, OFA Thyroid: Normal, VPI, Blue Belton Male, 70-75 lbs Good conformation, strong topline and is very biddable, close to medium range cast, worked on wildbirds- trained both to whistle and hand signals. Pedigree links on his website: email

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Twombly Setters

OFA Hips & Elbows, NOPI. Young pups weighed daily, monitored for appropriate growth & development. Males average 55 - 65 lbs. Classic, strong, foot-hunting English Setters with bird sense, good looks, and tail-wagging personalities, in the tradition of Legh's grandfather, Earl Twombly. MORE ABOUT US... Hunting and training in Lowell, VT and Madison, FL (winter) 802 233-1926, website email on FaceBook at Twombly Setters

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Walt Cottrell

Contributing Member My first English setter was a rescue in 1972. I didn't know he was a Ryman type until I was formally introduced to them by Walt Saling. Along the way there have been seven others, three of which are with me now. My wife and I have whelped some 35 pups, sometimes for others, and sent them to their new homes. Professionally, I was a wildlife biologist between 1975 and 1981, and have been a veterinarian since 1985; now a wildlife veterinarian these last 10 years. I have written a column on canine health for The Upland Almanac since it's inception 18 years ago. My dogs and I hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock here in New England, prairie grouse in the west every year we can, and occasionally quail. These wonderful dogs are still teaching me and I am still learning.

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Classic Setters

OFA Hips, NOPI. Males average 60 lbs and females 50 lbs. We emphasize natural hunting ability, good conformation and health, and biddability. Proven on ruffed grouse and woodcock, pheasants, prairie grouse, and quail. MORE ABOUT US... email

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Round River Setters

OFA Hip NOPI/PI/VPI.Males average 65-75 lb. Dogs hunt at a range of 40-60 yards Checking back often. Our Goals are to produce easy to train dogs that are "naturals" in the field, and calm & quiet in the house. Retain the genetic purity of the Ryman and Old Hemlock Strains.

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Rum Creek Setters

I have had English Setters since 1988 and started breeding them in 2003. Currently we have 3 and are planning another litter for this spring. Hunting grouse and woodcock in the fall in Michigan is never long enough for me or for the dogs.

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Alder Tangle Kennels

OFA hips, OFA elbows, puppies will be BAER tested, NOPI/VPI. Our setters are raised and trained in the grouse woods of MN/NW WI. Our focus is on producing a gun dog that is as beautiful, and healthy,as they are an excellent hunter. Males average 60/65 pounds, females 50. I strive for athleticism, with natural abilities. Only the best hunters will be bred, after all health clearances are met. email

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Stoney Brook Outfitters

OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, NOPI. Males average 58-65 lbs, Females 48-52 lbs. We strive to have athletic, well balanced, outgoing dogs. Our dogs are proven on Grouse, Woodcock and Prairie Chickens and occasionally hunt other birds. Located in Central Wisconsin. MORE ABOUT US... website email

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Thunder Bay Setters

OFA hips and elbows, BAER, thyroid tested.VPI. Dogs see only wild birds after 7 months of age. Primarily grouse and woodcock with yearly trips to the plains for pheasant, huns, sharptail and quail. Website coming soon

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Aroostook Setters

Pre lim OFA hips at 6 months, 24 month OFA hips and elbows, VPI and thyroid testing. Maintaining Ryman standards on weight, and to produce a good looking setter that is a joy to hunt in the eastern covers for grouse and woodcock.

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Thorn Plum Kennels

OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, BAER, NOPI/VPI. Females average 50 Lbs. Proven and hunted on grouse and woodcock in the Northeast. I have owned and hunted Ryman-type setters for 28 plus years, and currently own two females from October Setters. The focus of my breeding is to produce healthy setters to be hunted on grouse, woodcock, and quail. Hancock, NY email

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