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Terms Of Use Agreement


By joining and participating in you are agreeing to the following:

You support our mission statement below in its entirety.

You hunt wild birds with Ryman-type setters.

You will ensure a passing  OFA  hip evaluation  on every breeding dog before it is bred, and you will not breed to an outside dog unless it also has a passing  OFA hip evalutation. A passing OFA preliminary evaluation is acceptable if a dog is bred when it’s under 24 months of age, but must be followed up with a final certification when the dog is old enough.

Before referring a buyer to another breeder you will make every effort to determine whether that breeder meets the breeders’ requirements, and you will not recommend or refer buyers to breeders who do not meet requirements. We want our members to encourage all breeders to join in our goals.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of is to promote and foster the hunting abilities, health, and an expanding gene pool within Ryman-type English setters.

Within these goals we believe that:

  • Ryman-type English setters should first and foremost be bred for hunting wild birds.
  • Proactive health screening is of great importance. At a minimum breeders should OFA certify the hips of every dog that is bred, or bred to. We also strongly encourage OFA elbow certification, BAER normal, and thyroid testing.
  • There is room for different tastes in range, speed, size, and looks in the Ryman-types as long as they are bred within the confines of a healthy dog.
  • Breeders should communicate with each other to gain knowledge; and they should help each other with health issues, breeding plans, and breeding advice in order to expand the pool of healthy dogs available to everyone.
  • Breeders should be ethical and honest with their customers, and with each other. is available for you and others to showcase your dogs and to promote the goals of our mission statement. has a zero tolerance policy regarding negative statements about other breeders and any dogs belonging to others.

Your continued participation and the presence of your submissions on this site is solely at the discretion of the founders.