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Our Mission is not a formal group, and there is no fee to participate. Members agree with our mission statement, hunt wild birds, and at a minimum obtain an OFA Certificate for the hips of their breeding dogs.

All Ryman-type breeders who share our philosophy are invited to join us.

George Ryman Setter
George Ryman Setter

Mission Statement

The purpose of is to promote and foster the hunting abilities, health, and an expanding gene pool within Ryman-type English setters.

Within these goals we believe that:

  • Ryman-type English setters should first and foremost be bred for hunting wild birds.
  • Proactive health screening is of great importance. At a minimum breeders should OFA certify the hips of every dog that is bred, or bred to. We also strongly encourage OFA elbow certification, BAER normal, and thyroid testing.
  • There is room for different tastes in range, speed, size, and looks in the Ryman-types as long as they are bred within the confines of a healthy dog.
  • Breeders should communicate with each other to gain knowledge; and they should help each other with health issues, breeding plans, and breeding advice in order to expand the pool of healthy dogs available to everyone.
  • Breeders should be ethical and honest with their customers, and with each other.