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Finding The Right Puppy For You

Ryman Setter Puppies  

New Ryman Setter Puppy
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Find the Right Puppy For You

Decide What You Want Your Ryman-type Setter To Be.

What is the perfect Ryman-type setter?- The one that is healthy and has the qualities you like. The right setter for you is the one that matches your preferences the best, so make sure that litter of pretty Ryman setter puppies you’re looking at has a good chance of growing up to be setters you will be happy with.

What size do you like? Males can be anywhere from around 55 lbs, to 70 lbs and over, their female littermates averaging 10 or 15 lbs lighter. How about range, speed, and athleticism? Do you want your setter to stay within gun range in the woods and work slowly, or do you want it to move a little faster and range out a bit? Stamina will be important if you hunt the prairies or want your dog to hold up during long hours in the grouse woods. Are color or certain looks a priority for you? Even if you are already familiar with Rymans look over our “What is a Ryman-Type” page and see if that gives you some ideas.

Find a Breeder Who Produces Dogs YOU Like

Ryman-type Setter PuppyOnce you have a feel for the hunting style, size, and looks you would like to have, start talking to breeders. Ask them questions about their breeding goals and ask yourself whether those goals fit in with what appeals to you in a Ryman-type. Of particular importance is the health screening they are doing for their breeding dogs. For example, our Breeder Profiles tell you which clearances the breeders do, the size of their dogs, and the general goals of their breeding program. These criteria can form the basis for discussions with other breeders not listed here.

Health clearances are an especially good window into a breeder’s level of commitment to producing all-around high quality dogs. If there are no health clearances it is a hint that the breeder may not be as selective as they could be for the other qualities we all want in our setters.

Verify Health Clearances

The best way to check on clearances is through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals on line database OFA Database Search. It is simple to find clearances for a single dog, it’s relatives, or even get a list of a kennel’s entire history of OFA records. ALL of the publicly verifiable information on English setters will appear there. If a breeder is doing additional testing that can’t be verified with the OFA ask to see the paperwork. Trustworthy breeders will be thrilled you asked and happy to show you the official documents.

Recognized health clearances will appear in public databases and/or will be reports from specialized laboratories or testing centers. Claims of good hips or screenings based on a reading by a breeder’s personal veterinarian are not verifiable or acceptable substitutes. These claims are a warning that the breeder is not committed to breeding healthy dogs. Even if real clearances are claimed don’t just assume it is so. These results should be verified because unfortunately there have been instances of breeders who have been dishonest about health clearances, even to the point of falsifying  OFA certificates.

Tomorrow’s Ryman-type Puppies

PuppyBoth breeders and owners can help ensure a bright future for these wonderful dogs. Breeders can commit themselves to a high standard of health and hunting performance, and buyers can help by supporting and encouraging breeders who are trying to make a positive contribution. The gene pool is too small to risk indiscriminate breeding. Purchasing your puppy from a breeder who strives to produce the healthiest dogs possible will ensure your best chance of a healthy, long-lived hunting companion, and you will be contributing to the future of the Ryman-type setter.