Menu Close We Are is a group of breeders dedicated to the future of the Ryman-type foot hunting English setter. was founded to ensure a future for the Ryman-type setter. We are avid hunters who appreciate the classic appearance and unique personality of these setters. Our main objective is to maintain their wild bird handling abilities, much as it was for George Ryman, while promoting the breeding of healthy setters. Every Ryman-type breeder who shares our philosophy is invited to join us. also provides buyers a way to connect with those breeders so they can find a great hunting setter, while at the same time supporting and contributing to the improvement and health of the Ryman-types.

If you are a buyer, within this site you can find a breeder who has the style of hunting and conformation you prefer. In addition, the breeders who participate have agreed with our mission statement and have, at a minimum, OFA certified the hips of all their breeding dogs. Buying from one of them will maximize your chances of getting a healthy hunting partner.

Our most important purpose is to foster a healthy and expanding gene pool of setters that are, in the tradition of George Ryman, fantastic companions in the field and in the home.

Ryman Setter
Ryman’s Seneca Girl

Founders– Lynn Dee Galey, Cliff and Lisa Weisse, Walt Cottrell, Jason Gooding, Fran and Frank Thompson, Walt Lesser, JC Smith