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Classic Setters Introduces Mori, Our Imported Stud Dog From Iceland

We recently imported a stud dog, Hafrafells Mori, from Iceland.  We have admired hunting english setters from Iceland for years and got to know some breeders there and were offered the opportunity to import Hafrafells Mori. We especially thank Hjalti Reynir Ragnarsson and Oddur Orvav Magnusson for what they have done for hunting English Setters in Iceland and working with us to get Mori to the U.S.. Mori is a chestnut, 5-year-old, proven stud dog from international champion bloodlines from Iceland, Italy, Spain, Norway and France. He produced two litters in Iceland and those puppies were early-starting, beautiful dogs. Mori has OFA good hips, normal elbows and is PRA free.  He has great conformation, is very smart and has a temperament anyone would love to have. He arrived in the USA in late April 2023 and has adjusted well to life here despite having to relearn commands in new language. Mori had extensive experience hunting Rock ptarmigan in Iceland and we introduced him to hunting 6 new bird species in the U.S. this past season. He transitioned well to finding birds in this vastly different habitat and has a pointing style like that of a Ryman type setter.  He is athletic and runs hard but is easy to handle. Mori retrieves naturally and in the off season finds and retrieves box turtles with great enthusiasm. Mori has already sired two litters since we brought him to the U.S.. His first litter in the U.S. was with October Flaming Autumn and those pups are off to a great start (  We will be announcing his second litter soon. We are now offering Mori at stud to select females. We think he offers great conformation, style, and hunting ability along with providing some genetic diversity to compliment our Ryman-type setters. You can see additional information about Mori on our website  Classic English Setters .  Pedigree can be viewed at: HAFRAFELLS MORI pedigree 

Mori pointing prairie chickens in SD


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