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First Annual Ryman Gathering and Hunt is scheduled!

5-12-2016 DSC09974 is excited to announce that the first annual Ryman Setter Breeders Gathering and Hunt is scheduled to be in January 8-15, 2017 in northcentral Kansas. This wild-bird-only event is a long needed opportunity for dedicated breeders to hunt together to see each others dogs as well as evening fireplace conversations about breeding issues such as health, ethics and the future of our beloved rymans. Weekdays are reserved for breeder members but Friday, Sat and Sun are open to other hunters with ryman setters.

The group chose Kansas in January because, being avid hunters, they did not want to interfere with their usual autumn grouse hunting and traditions plus Kansas in January extends the hunting season for most – a bonus for ardent wild bird hunters. Wild bobwhite will be a new species for many of the dogs so will provide the opportunity to see how they handle a new species but also the more open KS habitat is conducive to being able to watch how the dogs run and handle their birds.

If you are interested in more information or perhaps joining the event, leave a comment or message and we will get back to you.


  1. William C. Thurman

    Please send information.
    I have owned nothing but Ryman type setters since 1971. This is a great idea.
    Bill Thurman
    Buckhannon, WV

  2. Jim Recktenwald

    Although I live in MN I still have a lifetime license in KS. I would like to join you in January.

    We own three English Setters: Setters West and Old Hemlock. The youngest is now almost 8 months from our October litter.

  3. Hunter Allen

    I plan to be there. I have owned, raised, & trained Ryman Setters. Looking forward to meeting everyone! Hunter Allen , Bedford, Virginia. M: 540.797.5230

  4. Dick Mider

    This sounds like a great opportunity to see some great dogs and experience a new specie. I’ve had several Ryman type dogs , currently have an October Setter and I’m looking for another.

    Dick Mider
    Newark Valley, NY

  5. Carl Berglind

    The Ryman Setters look like amazing bird dogs. I have been an owner of two hunting Brittanys in Colorado for the past decade and I am now starting to look at my next bird dog. I would love to watch the Rymans in the field. Would it be possible for me to come by during this event to say hello and watch some dog work? (I would not be hunting myself or bringing my own dogs.) I can’t imagine a better way to get acquainted with the breed!

  6. Hunter Allen

    Hi Lisa,
    Do you have any more details on the exact location of the gathering location in KS, town, motels, public hunting lands? Thanks, Hunter

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