Meet our Breeder Members: Interviews


Since our beginning in 2015, the group has had an amazing and supportive response from hunters who love the ryman-type setter and also the bird dog community in general.  Our group has grown from just 6 Founding kennels to nearly 20 Breeder Members.  Each Breeder Member has joined because they are wild bird hunters who are passionate about ryman-type setters as hunting dogs and we have a great group of quality, ethical breeders.

This month we are starting a new feature here on that will help all of us get to better know each of the Members.  Each month we will be posting an interview with one of our Breeder Members.  Through the interviews we will learn about the person behind the kennel name as well as their breeding goals and hunting experiences.  The interviews are being done in random order so be sure to check in each month to learn about different members.  A folder will be created on the front page of this site to hold past interviews so it will be easy to look up and learn more about each member once they have done an interview.  The first interview will be posted later today, 8/19/2018.

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