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Remembering last season as we anticipate the upcoming one

Birds were touch and go where I hunt last year, some days we were in them, some days we had to work extra hard for a few encounters. Due to this, I committed to exploring and searching for new covers.  On the last day of my grouse hunting adventures, Parker Hollow Jersey was on fire for which would turn out to be her last hunt of the season. We tried a new spot that I have driven by at least 50 times over the years, however since it was dry and this spot had some wet seeps heading down to a stream bottom, I figured it might be a good bet. Well, we got into them and Jersey handled 6 of the 8 spooky late season birds, and provided me with some good shooting opportunities. Unfortunately, my shooting that day was not on par with her bird work. I was finally able to reward her with this beautiful grouse which is one of the fond memories I will be starting the upcoming season with.

I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to making a bunch more memories in the near future. May the sun be at your back, and the wind be in you and your dogs faces (I know that is not the original way it goes, but if you’re a bird hunter, you know what I mean).


  1. Mark Altemann

    Nice job on getting us into the mindset for anticipating the upcoming hunting season. Every year has surprises as to where the birds will be, how our dogs will handle them and how good our shooting is on these elusive birds. I am sure that you will revisit that cover this yeas with great expectations, hopefully you and Jersey will be rewarded with another great experience. Good luck, shoot straight.

  2. allen

    Your dog Jersey is magnificent. I lost my friend a couple of years ago and he very much resembled Jersey. I miss him every day but now at the age of 81, I can no longer take on ownership of another pup. Thanks for the memories.

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