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Started Rymans

We have two tricolor boys available for hunting season. They are full brothers. Quincy is 2.5 and Mr. O is 4 months. Their mother has OFA Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows and their father has OFA Good Hips and Normal Elbows.


Quincy came back to us this spring after his former family determined they couldn’t provide the exercise and attention he deserved. He came back to us and we have introduced him to birds, gotten him in the field and worked on his training. He was raised with kids and has been great with other dogs. Quincy is a big sweetheart at around 70 lbs. He has great house manners and is crate trained. He loves swimming and is an easy dog to have around. Quincy has spent all of August hunting Prairie Chickens and is doing a great job for a first year dog. We would keep him in a heartbeat if he was a female and/or we didn’t currently have a young crew of dogs. He will stay with us and continue to hunt until we find the right home for him.


Mr. O is from our spring litter. There is good news and bad news with this little guy. Bad news: Mr. O is short for Mr. Overbite. We have kept him back to make sure that he doesn’t have any issues with his overbite as his adult teeth come in. Good news: he has never had any issues eating and finishes his chow before the rest of the crew. He also loves to carry around anything he can find (shoes, sweaters, toys, etc). More bad news: he may be cryptorchid. Due to the two issues above, he will be placed with a neuter contract. The good news: He is a great little dog. We have enjoyed having him as part of our crew. He has been introduced to birds and loves to run in the prairie. When he runs he is pretty good at keeping track of us but is independent at the same time. He has also been introduced to the woods, water, is (mostly) house trained and (mostly) crate trained.  His recall is doing fairly well as well. Mr. O loves people and has done very well with our 2 month old daughter. He will make a great companion for someone looking for a buddy with a quirky smile. He too will stay with us and continue to hunt until we find the right home for him.


If you have any questions about either dog, please let us know.


Jeff, Liz, Daniel and the rest of the Stoney Brook crew!


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  1. Jim Helvig

    Jeff, Ruth and Family –

    My family and I are very excited to welcome Big Quincy into our home tomorrow.

    Before the South Dakota trip, Quincy bonded with my 11 year old son – He’s seems to be the unicorn we’ve been looking for – a huge heart for off season family time and a bird seeking machine in the field.

    We’re all very excited!

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