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2020 Ryman Breeders Gathering is Underway!

Yesterday, January 4th, 2020 found the dedicated hunters and Breeder Members of RS traveling thousands of miles to Kansas from points west, north and east for the week of the 2020 Breeders Gathering.   There were warm and convivial greetings, conversation and laughter as the trucks pulled in and folks got set up in the cabins.  The week is busy with an agenda of topics and discussions as well of course as the daily hunting and there is excitement and anticipation in the air.

This morning found the group scattering to public access hunting areas – WIHAs – in all directions on a beautiful sunny day with the ever-present Kansas wind blowing caps off.   The first day of hunting was a successful one with reports of finds with coveys of quail and the occasional pheasant.  (Getting these folks to take photos while hunting isn’t easy – their focus is on their dogs and the hunting!)   Stories of good dog work and even some pretty good shooting were shared during another of our delicious member-prepared dinners.


Evenings include lively informational and educational topics and everyone has a voice.  Everyone is tired from a long day of hunting so discussions are wrapped up early, dogs are cared for and lights are out.  We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

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