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Snapshots of October Hunting

Hunting season stretches from September through January but October is special with it’s colors, long days, and temps and leaves dropping .  RS Breeder Members and their dogs have been putting in long days and weeks afield to enjoy every possible minute of October. Time in the field and woods with our dogs is a personal and precious time.  Even choice of bell vs beeper vs GPS or none of the above is a very personal choice.  Our goal as breeders is to produce dogs that will give their owners the thrill of wild bird hunting, whatever their personal style.  Some hunters love to take photos of their dogs working birds while others feel that a camera is an intrusion and interferes with shooting.    Following are a few of the October photos shared by some of our Breeder Members who do chose to take photos afield.

Thunder Bay

Parker Hollow


Thorn Plum


October Setters

 Baumann Setters



Sugar Creek


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